Audio Branding by ENSO : Acoustically yours!

Remember the stranger at the airport started his laptop, and, just by its start-up music you knew he was using Windows XP? And, how your son felt super excited just by the racing sounds of Ferrari Cars that were played in the background at Ferrari World? No wonder he just couldn’t get enough of the rides! And then, that Titan advertisement with its iconic background score. How it compelled your wife to go and check out the latest at its showroom even though she already owns dozens of wrist watches! – What’s common in all these three instances?

The answer is music. The sound. The rhythm. The consumers, if you notice, are majorly influenced by the Audio Branding of a particular product. A product that impresses their ears leaves a mark on their minds too. That simple!

“What exactly is Audio Branding?”

Audio Branding is strategically designed and customized sound/music for a product; engineered keeping the brand’s values, essence and projection in mind. (Ambiance music, sound logo, a company’s welcome music, audio commercials etc for example.) It contributes in generating a brand’s distinct identity, development and management. It works as an audio mascot you can say, penetrating through both an emotional as well as a logical mind! That makes it remarkably versatile. Give it a shot to taste its might, we say!

“Why MUST I go for it?”

Well, for quite a number of reasons:

  • It increases your sales!

Customers opine that when they are in a store with an appropriate music being played in the background, they feel happier and that makes them all pepped up to shop! It also makes them remain in the store for longer! Did you know McDonald’s speeds up its in-store music at lunch time to increase its customer turn around?

  • It increases your brand recognition and makes you popular.

A well made audio piece gets attached to your brand’s identity in the consumer’s mind. Human mind has a strong memory recall for music. Remember how effortlessly you identified that the fellow next to you was using a Window XP just by hearing a few of its notes?

  • It increases your staff’s productivity.

Researches show that contrary to the noise, the employees can focus better when there’s a carefully designed music being played. It also makes the employees, and, the employees and the company bond better. This may result in to heightened motivation and team spirit, which in turn gets manifested as increased productivity.

  • It makes you stand out from the crowd quite uniquely!

Customized Audio Branding increases your chances of getting noticed and remembered by multifold. It gives you a distinct place in your consumer’s mind that makes him differentiate your from your rivals. Remember how the memory of Britannia’s sound logo (Ting Ting Ti Ding) made it stand out to you from the rest of the lot at the supermarket?


Audio Branding by ENSO – the latest feather in our hat!

In our bid to serve our clients with the best and the latest in the market, ENSO Films is more than thrilled to include Audio Branding in its service kit. Here are some of the trendiest and most effective audio branding solutions on offer :

  • Sound Logo :

It is an acoustic match of your visual logo (the music that you hear with Intel’s logo, or, Nokia’s iconic melody for example). It is a memorable, multifunctional and distinct sound piece that we design by keeping your brand character, projection and essence in mind.

  • In-store music :

We engineer customized ambiance music, festive tunes and purpose-appropriate music for you to play in your store. Researches show that these audio pieces actually increase your sales as 84% of shoppers are likely to purchase from shops that play in-store music! Also, it encourages the customer by 63% to spend longer time in your store! It augments your customer retention by 55%. And, a massive 90% of your customers tend to recommend your store to others! Now, isn’t that super impressive?

  • Company Welcome Tunes for Phone Calls :

We craft out voice messages for you so that when your client calls you up, instead of hearing the mundane phone ring, he hears a message that talks about your company’s services and guidelines.

  • Audio Commercial :

30 to 45 seconds long audio advertisement for your product which can be used across different platforms. For example, it can be aired on a radio, sent on whatsapp, uploaded on social media etc.

Time to capture your consumer acoustically!
Go for Audio Branding!
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