Video Marketing-the pull of moving pictures

“If a picture says a thousand words about your company,
a moving picture will tell a million.”

You can’t agree more, we bet. After all, one can’t deny the fact that TVCs, company videos, corporate films etc can have an easily generated and longer lasting impact on the consumer’s mind. Not making the most out of these branding tools can be a real blunder, we must say! So, what is so special about these high tech ways of marketing? Why are they so indispensible? Well, here is our take on it.


TVCs – a massive marketing move

When you create a striking TVC (Television Commercial) for your brand, you are sorting out a major chunk of your marketing strategy. With one TVC created, you are multiplying your reach by a thousand folds by using a medium as tremendously popular as television! Can you imagine the power that this medium possesses? Take a look.

  • It generates a massive awareness about your product in one go
  • Appeals to your consumer in a unique multi-sensory way through the combination of text, images, sound and motion
  • Creates a strong recall in the consumer’s mind
  • Enables you to reach out to your specific target audience through slot systems and selection of preferred geographic areas


Company Videos – staying in sight means staying in minds

Now here is an easy and direct way to put your brand out there in minutes! An audio-visual communication that is meant to talk about your brand/product in a corporate environment. For example, a crisp video of your jewelry business that you play in the lounge of your showroom for an  everyday viewing. You can also choose to go for promotional videos, training videos or information videos depending on your purpose. It works well for you in more than one ways :

  •  Sparks interest in the minds of your audience about who you are and how you work
  • Projects you as a company who is in sync with the latest technology and trend
  • Can be shared easily and frequently on internet which in turn amplifies awareness about your company
  • Being multi-functional in nature, they can be used for variety of purposes once made


Corporate Films – tell your tale in an interesting way

Rather than making it all just professional and at times monotonous, you have a choice of  making it more attractive with Corporate Films. This is one tool where you can dramatize your business story and present it in a more appealing manner. It can be a part of your marketing strategy for multiple reasons :

  • It engages your target audience in your product story in a more exciting way
  • Gives you a competitive edge above your rivals
  • Widens your reach by getting shared via multiple other media as well
  • Can be customized as per your budget, requirement and preferences


ENSO Films – the latest feather in our cap

Having witnessed the crucial role of video marketing in any brand strategy, ENSO has come up with its own film making wing ‘ENSO Films’. Voilà! With this latest addition in our kit, ENSO is now a one-stop solutions hub for all your branding requirements and media planning.

Under ENSO Films, we have a team of professionals and technicians who have worked in media like TV, radio etc. in International Entertainment Channel Networks, FM stations and films. They are trained to deliver a holistic, meticulous and creative work process and execution. This team assists you at creating films according to your budget. They also guide you at choosing the right media mix and a wide range of display platforms like TV, website, electronic billboards, in-house display etc. Making of your promotional films that you can show in theatres, in-house presentations and TVCs meant for either national or local broadcast – all this will also be taken care of under ENSO films with enthusiasm and expertise.

Now, isn’t that what you have been looking for? Come and make most out of it!

Multiplying your reach by a million times!
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