#ENSOspeaks : Trend of The Trendsetters

“COMPETITOR is one who can steal a few deals, but,
the pinch of which, a VISIONARY never feels!”


…as simple as that! Welcome to the era of gutsy new-age trendsetters. They know that if they have what it takes, they have the power to redefine the word ‘competition’ on their own terms. With immense confidence in their vision and capacity, comes their strength to question the market competition itself– “Is it good enough to deserve my participation?” Now that’s a contemporary visionary talking.

Fathoming the Formula


So how does this visionary or the trendsetter manage to find his niche somewhere away from the general mass? What are the dynamics of this modern market scenario where the main stream competition may not actually be the competition for some? Read on as #ensoblogger gets in to a tête-à-tête with Ms. Neeja Shah, owner and CEO at ENSO.

  • First thing first – know thyself!

In a market where a lot of people claim to be a lot of special things and terms like ‘advertising’ and ‘branding’ are very loosely used; you can stand out tall only if you have a unique and authentic identity of your own. “And that begins with the correct assessment and solid establishment of your own passion, vision and ways of approaching your goals.” says Ms Shah as we get on with our conversation.

“Figure out your own takes on various aspects, set your own standards and decide your own direction first. Once that is established, you can make a comparison between you and your general market. Do you see some discrepancy between the mass mentality of the market and your own approach and belief system? If yes, then well! It’s time to take a stand!” she says. Step numero uno in becoming a trendsetter.


  • Giving a well-calculated miss to being a part of ‘the league’

Majority doesn’t always mean that it’s the only right way of doing it. “Following the majority can often work as a trap in today’s time. The market is so vivid, vast and fast growing that whoever spots the next need of the consumer first; wins the game. In that case, not keeping your eye on the changing requirement of the world and just going with what the so called larger league is going by for all this while, can cost you an opportunity of a life time”, says Ms Shah.

As they say, only the dead fish go with the flow. And, the main stream may not always be the best stream to swim in. Ponder over this – should you let the market define you, or, should you be the one who defines the market?

  • The curious case of ‘competition’!

The relevance and the context of competition can’t be the same for all. “Do you want volumes or do you want to penetrate in to a unique segment? Do you want branding done for you or do you just want weekly sales targets to be achieved? Do you want to be just a part of the ‘herd’ or do you want to be the ‘shepherd’ who leads it? These are a few of the questions to which you got to find the answers for yourself first” suggests Ms. Shah. “When you talk about competition, first and foremost, you got to decide what and who you want to compete with. Not a lot of advertising agencies will make you think about this but this is where ENSO is a class apart. And that’s where the point of difference comes in; that, if you want to grow in to a brand, chucking the so called competition and having the patience to work towards your brand building will play a decisive role” she says.

And at this point, the way you should let the doctor do his job, you should let the professional agencies handle your branding and its development. After all, it’s always good leave your company in a pair of safe hands rather than taking unnecessary risk and too much of trial and error on your own.

  • Exclusivity has its own charm

Today’s is a market where the number of people who seek and admire all things exclusive is increasing like never before. “It is no longer a scene of a whole army of workers working on something that’s run-of-the-mill kinds. It is rather a trend of a handful of experts putting in all their experience, passion and skill to produce things or services which are bespoke. Today’s quality conscious consumer is much more aware and knowledgeable about what he wants out of you. If you offer him all things customized and exclusive, BINGO!” says Ms. Neeja Shah.



It’s time, as we have already mentioned, to redefine the context of competition. “Today’s consumer needs more than what he used to. It’s up to us to spot the need before he does and that’s where the new trend begins from. A trend that is not necessarily dependent on regular market’s competition but gives a birth to a new way of doing things”, explains Ms. Shah. “If you look at the global market, the trendsetters are bypassing the main stream competition quite effortlessly. And that’s exactly what we need to develop here – innovative minds, bespoke services and new trend setting ways of doing our businesses with a lot more finesse. Let’s get rolling!” she says as she wraps up the conversation.


“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do.”

– Steve Jobs


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