Neeja Shah

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

That’s her favorite song and you would often hear her humming it even while she is busy working. Pumped up with an ambition to make a quality difference in the current branding scenario, she courageously disapproves of anything that can be called shallow or a short cut. “Branding ought to start from the root level.” says Neeja Shah with a definite sense of assertion in her voice. “Unfortunately, many of the business houses get their advertisements done without realizing that their brand’s basic needs are not being taken care of by the advertising agencies they are blindly relying upon. That’s where and why ENSO comes in. We go way beyond the regular ways of advertising. We provide our clients with effective and in-depth ways of branding.” she says.


Ask her how ENSO functions differently and you will see a certain twinkle in her eyes as she begins to answer. “ENSO first sees to it if the brand, at its root, is aligned with the vision of its owner. How they want their brand to grow further, how the brand requires to get marketed, what are its strengths etc. If the requirements for any corrections are detected, they are executed at this stage itself. We also help the client establish a clear idea of his brand positioning. Next, we evaluate if the brand is ready to go out in media. If the brand gets over exposed in media at a premature stage, it fails to live up to its consumer’s expectation by not being able to deliver the brand promise it has generated. This is where many other agencies take things for granted, but, ENSO doesn’t.”

She emphasizes the fact that our brands have huge potential. They have originality and innovative ideas. “If I were to point out one thing that our brands need to have more of, it is ‘aggression’. Let’s be ambitious. Let’s be absolutely confident and proud of ourselves. Let’s not be content with whatever we have achieved by far. What’s wrong in dreaming big and growing bigger? Why can’t we go international, the way other international brands come to India and penetrate our market with an attitude of somebody greater? Let’s just be bold and go out there to conquer the world. ” Definitely some points to ponder over, dear business folks!

“You know what I cherish the most?” she asks in a thoughtful voice. “To see somebody, be it a brand or a person, reach their goal. It gives me so much of satisfaction when I am able to contribute to their growth.” Well, that explains her being almost religiously devoted to her area of passion – BRANDING.

Let’s Work Together.