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Testimonial – Dewan Hattingh

I have been fortunate enough to work with Neeja for what is going on to becoming nearly a decade now. The reason why there is such continuation in our relationship is because Neeja understands the value of integrity, ethics and how to always operate to the absolute best of her abilities.

Her standards are of the highest level and she always aims to please, while she strives to provide all-round A-Grade quality.

I always keep on coming back using Neeja for creative work as it’s virtually impossible to find anything else within the market place that can remotely begin to compete.

I can recommend Neeja to anyone who is planning on doing business with her as she is everything and more than you can expect as a highly talented, honourable, honest and professional individual.

Thank you Neeja for all the amazing value you provided us with at Buzz International over the years. We are looking forward to many years of your creative and business genius in the coming times!

Dewan Hattingh,
Business Development Director ~ Buzz International