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Away from the bits and pieces method, your brand gets a comprehensive treatment at Enso. Nothing incomplete delivers the optimized results, does it?
We happily start from the scratch; well, more like an obsession with perfection maybe! And, end it with your smile of satisfaction.
Let’s give you a virtual walkthrough of how we go about shaping your brand’s product lifecycle from zero to end.

Step 1


An in-depth dialogue happens between our top-line executives and you the client. The motive here is to establish a fundamental outline about your product. Various key areas such as ‘What are you selling?’, ‘Who do you intend to sell it to?’, ‘Who are your rivals?’, ‘What is your vision for your brand?’ etc are covered. Thereby, we help you identify your business needs clearly and correctly. This is the vital framework on which the rest of the journey structure will be built.

Step 2

Research & Analysis

Keeping the product framework in mind, our team moves onto carrying out relevant research and analysis. Your industry specific market dynamics are studied at this stage. The market positions of your competitors too are taken into account. The price point and USPs of your product are compared to those of the others falling in the same segment. Most importantly, your target consumer’s behaviour and buying patterns are investigated and decoded. We also tie up with experts from various industries as per the analytical requirements of a particular product.

Step 3


Based on the insights derived from the research and analysis, we design creative and customized solutions for your product. Your target consumer is kept at the centre of the branding, advertising and marketing strategies that we devise for you. At every step, efforts are made to enhance consumer awareness and consumer options around the product. We unleash our optimum knowledge bank and field experience in choosing the right blend of services that will deliver you the results.

Step 4

Creating the product

We also extend our expertise in guiding you about how to achieve that rightly packaged and presented product. Our creative team crafts out the most appealing and practical packaging designs that live up to your brand projection and positioning. We ensure that your product earns its distinct visual presence in the market. That in turn aids in shaping a brand recall and association in your consumer’s heart and mind.

Step 5

Results (Market)

The final and one of the most decisive steps in a product lifecycle, is floating it successfully in a real market. Team Enso assists you in determining a well strategized market penetration of your product. Depending on the modern or general trade that you are aiming to enter, we facilitate you accordingly with the ways and methods of doing it. Our team reviews these processes at regular intervals and supervises them at every point. We make sure that your product is not just existing but also earning you business with a competitive edge in your desired market and consumer segment.

let’s Build Your Brand.