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Retail Consultancy

Whoever thinks that starting a retail brand and running it successfully is a cakewalk is living under a rock. Today’s fiercely competitive times and complex market challenges have to be acknowledged, comprehended and dealt with in the most competent ways when you take a plunge as a retail business. Maneuvering through a cut throat and constantly evolving market is no less than a battle of its own kind. 

But then, why go to the retail battleground all alone when you can have an army of experts by your side? This is where Team Enso steps in. Our specialized wing Enso Retail Consultancy plays the well informed navigator for you. We research the retail market and study your product segment, competition and price ranges vis-à-vis your production capacity, funds available for growth etc. Thereby, we lead you into making those perfectly calculated moves that are absolutely critical for any retail brand wishing not only to survive but also to flourish.

The enthusiasm that we offer to you is backed by experience, expertise and insights.
Our team of senior professionals, with an experience of 30+ years in the field of marketing and sales, help you with 3 key areas :


They guide you about your competitive advantage, right price strategy, brand story, packaging design, new brand and product development, team recruitment across India, appointing right distributors and super stockists, developing the HORRECCA and institutional sales.


They facilitate an online shopping set up by getting you listed on online platforms as well as negotiating the terms and marketing deals with them for you.


They ensuring a well-timed penetration of your brand in both modern and general trade with a detailed strategy. We make you view your milestones in the form of projection after studying the market and product potential.

So, are you ready to see your success graph shooting upwards?