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Testimonial – Tanveer Lakdawala

Neeja is a very good person to deal with. Her strategic objectives are always clear.

Tanveer Lakdawala
Media Director / Wavemaker Oman

Testimonial – Biji M.

I worked with Neeja at Concept Media. She was warm, smart, organized, dedicated, customer focused and most of all a delight to work with! She is highly recommended.

Biji M.

Testimonials – Piers Evans

Energetic, enthusiastic and effective, Neeja is a great person to work with. We worked together on bespoke publications for Jumeirah and for highly valued account holders at banks in the UAE. I was always impressed by how much she was liked by the magazine's clients and advertisers who, typically for Dubai, were from a wide range of backgrounds.

Piers Evans

Testimonial – Pierre Pereira

Neeja is intuitive and creative. She has superb attention to detail, backed with great customer service that her company offers!

Pierre Pereira
Founder & Chief Architect / Outreach Advertising LLC

Testimonial – Janki Vasant

Neeja worked with deep sensitivity and passion for the girl child and women’s workshop that we had conducted last summer. Her ideas on poster design as well as branding were unique.

Janki Vasant
Independent Philanthropy Professional

Testimonial – Ashish Sakhardande

Neeja is hardworking, innovative and a perfectionist. She is a very thorough professional and balanced business woman, both as a great manager and person. I have been very fortunate to have come across this focused individual. She implements and delivers as per the set and defined goals with a great combination of harmony, ethics and amicable teamwork. Her skills create a tremendous effect on her team associated, leading to an incredible performance. Calm and very comfortable to work with as a team member, Neeja is passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated. During my interaction with her, I have learnt immensely and I value her knowledge.

Ashish Sakhardande

Testimonial – Sunitha Carmalina

Neeja was a very talented colleague. Her excellent people skills and flare for turning anything into brilliance was and is still very unique. Her drive to go the extra mile is quite obviously seen in her enthusiasm and persona. She is a great human being to work with and be associated to. She is honest, hardworking and will simply be there when you would need her.

Sunitha Carmalina
HR Learning & Development Consultant

Testimonial – Dewan Hattingh

I have been fortunate enough to work with Neeja for what is going on to becoming nearly a decade now. The reason why there is such continuation in our relationship is because Neeja understands the value of integrity, ethics and how to always operate to the absolute best of her abilities. Her standards are of the highest level and she always aims to please, while she strives to provide all-round A-Grade quality. I always keep on coming back using Neeja for creative work as it's virtually impossible to find anything else within the market place that can remotely begin to compete. I can recommend Neeja to anyone who is planning on doing business with her as she is everything and more than you can expect as a highly talented, honourable, honest and professional individual. Thank you Neeja for all the amazing value you provided us with at Buzz International over the years. We are looking forward to many years of your creative and business genius in the coming times! Dewan Hattingh, Business Development Director ~ Buzz International

Dewan Hattingh
Business Development Director / Buzz International

Testimonial – Mukesh Patel

Hi Neeja, It was nice working with you while making of the CD for our company introduction for our marketing campaign in the USA. Very impressive. Thanks, Mukesh.

Mukesh Patel

Testimonial – Kirtar Munshi

My experience with Neeja has been excellent. She has been very punctual about giving her best for any task or project we have undertaken. She is always ready to try and experiment with new ideas. She has built a team of a few creative young boys and girls who are also ready to help and give you as many options as you wish to have until you are fully satisfied with the creative. Neeja is quite knowledgeable about the requirements of different media. She comes up with appropriate solutions to promote the product suitable to the media used. She is very patient, humble and never gets upset with the pressure of work. I would 100% recommend Enso Brand Solutions for branding and advertising for any type of product. If you have Enso, you are bound to succeed.

Kirtar Munshi
Executive Director / Art Club Private Limited

Testimonial – Vish Daswani

Neeja is an all-encompassing marketing/brand consultant. She loves what she does. I have personally seen the results that she is capable of achieving and they outweigh most of the other professionals that I have known in the branding domain. Neeja has the know-how, connections and raw talent to get the job done and go beyond it. Neeja managed the branding efforts for our Riding Club 'Flying Twins' which was the first one ever to ride to Spiti Valley on Harley Davidson bikes, and took it to the national level in form of media coverage of all types. I highly recommend Neeja; bottom line!

Vish Daswani

Testimonial – Vinay Rajput

I met Neeja before a year through common friends. She was introduced as a branding professional who was working for Indian and overseas companies. This year, she was hired as a PR agency for Nine-Bridges HOG Chapter, India, which is known as Harley Owners Group globally. Since then, she has been creative and honest towards the work assigned to her. She has made sure that the chapter, its riders and its various philanthropic and riding activities are covered by reputed Indian media. She has done the creatives and print work for the chapter with best of her abilities. For example, our extensive and exhaustive coverage on the ride to Spiti Valley which was first of its kind in the world was done by her and still continues to be the result of her hard work. We look forward to a long association with her in future and wish her all the very best for her future endeavours.

Vinay Rajput

Testimonial – Yash Kothari

Neeja is an exceptional creative mind who can help you to be more optimistic about your business. She has created the logo for our cleaning agent company ‘Sparko’; which has been converted to a huge success in our portfolio. I truly recommend her for the new start-ups around. I want to see Enso and Neeja doing more creative products for our business.

Yash Kothari
Founder & CEO / Evaz International

Testimonial – Rajesh Khemani

Neeja is a great hardworking individual who never backs down. She is a go-getter and has idealistic views. She is a must to work with.

Rajesh Khemani

Testimonial – Ramesh Sinha

At SharkID, we had an ambitious plan to cross 1 million installs in year 1 and Enso helped us craft our Digital Marketing Strategy for the same. Neeja also handled our social media presence on leading platforms. I am happy to say that her social insights really helped us position our app and drive the installs. In a year’s time, SharkID could build a database of 100 million mobile numbers in its network, enable millions of caller discoveries and help people find mutual connects. I strongly recommend Enso, if you are looking for a complete online marketing solution.

Ramesh Sinha

Testimonial – David Nachman

Neeja is always “on it”. She is a highly dedicated marketing professional who has extreme focus. It is without any hesitation that we recommend her for your marketing and/or promotional needs!

David Nachman

Testimonial – Meit Vakil

Enso Brand Solutions is helping our brand Yeti in creating a significant presence. Neeja not only takes complete interest in deciding brand activities but also understands the value proposition of each brand that she works with. This makes it easier for a brand to achieve goals and targets. We look forward to working even more closely with Enso and Neeja in the coming times.

Meit Vakil

Testimonial – Dr. Niha Khan

You can easily find Neeja juggling different hats throughout the day at Enso. Conceptualizations and carrying out their visual executions come naturally to her. She bridges the gap with all 360 degree know-how to transform a product/service into a brand.

Dr. Niha Khan
Co-Founder / The Define Ink

Testimonial – Snehal Batra

I had the pleasure of working with Neeja during a recent trip to India. We required her expertise on marketing initiatives on the ground there. From our first meeting, I knew Neeja was the right person. She was attentive and immediately understood what we were trying to achieve in the Indian market. She had great ideas to offer and used many of her resources to carry out our marketing/promoting agenda in the extremely tight time line. I really enjoyed working with Neeja. I highly recommend her as she is professional, hardworking, dependable and extremely talented. I hope to work with Neeja again in the future.

Snehal Batra
US Immigration Lawyer

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